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What Is Computer Adware?

Computer Adware refers to the advertisements which appear on your computer unsolicited by running programs that have the advertisements combined with the program or from websites. The distributors of the adware benefit monetarily from the advertisements that are show on your computer. Many variants of computer Adware are longed with the end-user's permission that is included in the End User's License Agreement (EULA), though many user's do not realize what they are agreeing to when agreeing to the EULA. Not all Adware is malicious. Many shareware and freeware applications are bundled with Adware in order to reduce the cost of the product to the end-user. Before you remove all Adware on your computer, one point to consider is if you are reliant on any software that is bundled with the Adware. If so, you will need to choose between putting up with the Ads or finding an alternative software tool to use.

How Malicious Adware Operates
Malicious Adware will normally infect your computer through an Operating System or Web Browser security hole during normal web surfing. This can be via file exchange on a peer-2-peer network, or through Active-X browser exploits on a benign appearing website. Advertisements will begin showing on your computer after they have been loaded on your computer. Malicious Adware may also take on the traits of rogue Spyware and send information to a remote server based on tracking cookers, or through keyloggers that are installed on your computer. These operations range from simply transmitting your web browsing history to attempting to steal your private information.
Malicious Adware Prevention Tips
The best way to determine if you have malicious Adware installed on your computer is to run a firewall. Windows XP SP 2 through Windows Vista comes bundled with a firewall from the factory that you should turn on at a minimum. If you are extremely concerned about malicious software on your computer then purchasing a commercial firewall product is recommended. A firewall will notify you of programs that attempt to communicate with remote servers on your computer and can help identify malicious programs that are trying send your information to a hacker or other organization. Two popular programs to remove Adware on your computer are AdAware and SpyBot Search and Destroy. Malwarebytes is a third software application that is capable of defending and removing Adware from your computer as well as other computer malware.